Ladies and Gentlemen!

The following services are offered by GRANAT JS Co.

1. WWW presentations.
2. Web space
3. Updates.
4. Internet access.
5. Advertising on GRANAT server.

1. WWW presentations.

Our specialists will create any of the following presentations for you firm:

Virtual business card. An advertisement, containing the companies logo, address/phone/fax/e-mail and other contact info; a brief comment about the firm activities, services offered; any additional text and graphics (about one A4 page).

Virtual presentation. An illustrated commercial booklet, containing detailed information about your firm, it's activities and offered services, links to your partners' pages.
Overall size - up to 10 html files in one language.
an example)

Interactive catalog. Multilevel illustrated electronic publication, containing any text, graphic and multimedia information, organized in a form of a colorful commercial catalog with creative design and additional features (like java-scripts, forms etc.)
Overall size is unlimited.
(an example)

Prices for the listed services depend on many different factors. Please, contact us for more info.

2. Web space

Virtual business card is placed in GRANAT electronic catalog. (Yet under construction).
Virtual presentation is placed in directory, a link to it is placed in GRANAT:Commercial Pages.
Interactive catalog is placed in domain, a link to it - in GRANAT:Commercial Pages and in all major search databases on the Internet (like Excite, Yahoo etc).
All presentations are accessed 24 hours 7 days a week.

3. Updates.

All information in your presentation can be updated with any period of time according to your needs, the price depends on the size and the frequency.
All address information is changed FREE of charge.

4. Internet access.

Dial-up IP.
Contact us for info on direct-line fast-speed Internet connection.

5. Advertising on GRANAT server.

You can place an advertisement of your firm on GRANAT WWW server. The ad is placed in the form of a graphic of 300x70 pixels. Number of simultaneously placed ads is unlimited. Every advertiser is granted a FREE link from GRANAT:Commercial Pages for a term of at least 12 month, independent from the term of advertising.
Your firm can become an official sponsor of GRANAT server. This gives you an advantage of placing your logo on ALL pages of GRANAT server (in the bottom of every page, next to GRANAT star-logo) with a link to your page and a reference about your firm being the official sponsor of GRANAT WWW server. There's always only one sponsor at a time. If you place your advertisement for a longer period of time, you are can get the discounts as follows. The discounts apply to sponsorship as well.

Note: All prices are subject to change.
Taxes are not included.