Introduction to GRANAT!


GRANAT JS Co. was founded by the International Foundation for economic and social reforms ("Reforma" foundation) to represent a number of enterprises from all over the country involved in production of industrial and consumer goods using the conversion technologies on Russian and the world markets.
Our partners are plants and organizations formerly providing the Defense industry of the USSR, that are now reorganizing their output capabilities to produce some new goods with the use of the "space technologies".

Projects for cooperation

GRANAT JS Co. offers all commercial and state enterprises and organizations both from Russia and abroad cooperation in the field of conversion technologies aimed to establishing and reorganization of production based on the newest achievements of "space" technologies. We have some
projects to offer right away and more to come soon.
There's also a list of goods and tools produced by the named enterprises of the former Defense complex.

Please, contact GRANAT JS Co. for more information and details.


GRANAT - is a Russian commercial WWW server.
Initially this server was intended as an aid to Russian WWW users. We have placed some links here to make your use of the Web comfortable and easy. This is a place to start from, and we are happy if the info you find here will help you get what you need on the Internet.

Another guideline of GRANAT server is commercial advertizing. We plan to collect all Russian (or, better say, located in Russia, or even, related to Russia :-) commercial organizations that have their own WWW pages to help users worldwide with the information about business in Russia as well as to offer services and products provided by non-residents on the Russian market. So, if you have or would like to have your WWW presentation or put a link to your already existing one
contact us immediately. We welcome all forms of cooperation!

We also plan to support non-commercial use of the WWW. We are ready to help everybody to make private pages by providing space on owl server. (Check our Special Offer! for more details). We'd also be glad to put a link to your existing web page in our Private Pages section. Contact us now!

Thanks for coming!