A few words about GRANAT joint stock co. and about GRANAT WWW server. (An introduction).

Every change on our server is reflected at the New Page. Try it now to find out if there's been an update lately...

Check a catalog of Private Pages of our users. Attention! If you have a personal web-page to present, let us know. We will consider placing a link to it in this catalog, at no charge!

On Commercial Pages you'll find some commercial web representations. You can also arrange your own web page to be made and/or set up, place an advertisement on GRANAT WWW server. Here you'll find our price list and Special Offer! as well as some other useful information.

A small collection of Links that might be useful to any user. Try it to find some business, politics, software locations on the net, if you want to find something yet unseen, to show the web resources to your friends (or clients!)... Well, and just to have a look...
(Sorry, this page is yet under construction. Try it's Russian vercion instead. Or come later.)

This page contains all the information from GRANAT WWW server Administration, such as our services, contact info etc. Also, you can check our Special Offer! (aimed for Russian speaking users, in general).

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